Riding a Fat Bike Across Alaska is Terror at -35 degrees

Riding a Fat Bike Across Alaska is Terror at -35 degrees

Posted by Patrick J. Sweeney on Jun 26, 2017 2:22:43 PM

People often as me if I get scared at all. Many of you have asked after my Keynote Speeches what it was like. 

Here's the five webisode series that received over 5 million views on EpicTV world wide - enjoy!

Episode 1 - How to train for the toughest winter bike race in the world '

Episode 2 - The Start of the Iditarod and the first night at -35 degrees

Episode 3 - How to adapt your body to anything

Episode 4 - The Most Dangerous Section of the Iditarod Invitational

Episode 5 - The end is in site (for me or the race not sure whihc)

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