TAME Fear and Live the life of your dreams

TAME Fear and Live the life of your dreams

Posted by Patrick J. Sweeney on Apr 24, 2017 10:38:54 PM

There are many levels of anxiety, fear and terror - learning the science behind what is happening physiologically is critical to making the most of the incredible energy fear can generate. The first step is to adopt the B.A.S.E. method  when you feel your body or mind getting scared - increased heart rate, faster breathing, sweaty palms, dry mouth - all are signs your body is changing for a fight, flight or to freeze. Having a reliable tool to channel that force is the key to greatness and heroism.

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Tame Fear Like Full Time Adventurer Patrick Sweeney











Patrick Sweeney is one of the Top Keynote Speaker of 2017 as rated by Young President's Organization, and Google Talks in the EU. He only works with a handful of companies each year to make sure the events are engaging and customized, not a cookie-cutter speech for every event. 

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