Hi, I'm Patrick Sweeney
the Fear Guru. I promise to not only inspre but change lives...
Your audiences will be blown away!


Keynote & SEminar

"What happened to me could happen to anyone; not just the near-death leukemia but going from the world's biggest wimp to a courageous adventurer. Authentically sharing what I've learned is how I connect with audiences."

Patrick was a 3x CEO who hired many keynote speakers in his day. He believes most speakers are antiquated, don't innovate, and put themselves on a pedestal. Patrick believes that his humble journey to happiness, success and significance can be traveled by anyone who adopts these timeless lessons. His years of research into neuroscience and success provide a scientific basis for his cutting edge theories. 

- Learn from the latest Neuroscience how fear works and how to tame it

- Change the lives of your audience

- Inspire greatness, action and passion in the audience

- Entertain, educate and inspire audiences with Patrick's idea of "A moment every minute" 


sample my speaking

Innovative, Interactive and Exciting Keynote

Patrick's talks have literally changed people's lives -whether to ask for that big sale, start their own company, have courage to create a blissful marriage or lose 50 pounds Patrick's philosophy and framework has helped audiences from Tanzania to L.A. do just that. If you're a meeting planner for event executive you will be talked about after an event with Patrick as your keynote for going way beyond stale jokes and tricks kind of keynote. 

Here's a eight minute sample of Patrick's style (snakes and all!)