I spend my
year planning expeditions and
high-octane adventures that
break world records and keep me
feeling alive.



I’m on a mission to find my adventurer within and to also help others do the same. I always film wherever I go and often, camera crews follow me to capture the story as well. Each adventure I embark upon teaches me something new about myself and it’s in these times that I continue to discover who I am and what drives me. I take my learning and share them via social media, a monthly newsletter, my speaking engagements, the books and articles I write and my Adventure Hub.

At some point in the future, I may invite hand-selected participants to join me, and host expedition teams for others to be a part of. Stay tuned for more.

My upcoming expeditions

Expedition Name

US Special Operations Command Consulting

The Goal

Advise USSOCOM on High Altitude Training and Performance

The Pathway

Meeting the teams at a remote mountain village and spending seven days working toward an objective and teaching them about diet, training, and mental changes.


Getting the teams adapted to a ketogenic diet, converting their workouts to fat burning and beginning visualization training.


Middle of June 10 days to exectue.


One week

What I hope to learn

USSOCOM has to operate in many varied and austere environments. i hope to learn how to optimize performance even if they have little time to acclimatize.