Fear Frontier

The surprising power of fear to change your life

Fear Frontier - Patrick J. Sweeney II

It took me 30 years of shame and guilt culminating in a near-death experience to come to grips with it. I spent most of my life terrified - it started out with a terror of flying, soon cowardice spread like an immortal thistle sprouting up all over. I am not alone. Teddy Roosevelt fled west for three years breaking broncos to find it. Will Farrell couldn't utter a word his first time on stage. World champion surfer Bethany Hamilton was attacked by shark, before she discovered its power. Yet for Navy SEAL recruits they discovered the secret in just six months. I'm talking about your fear Frontier. We all have fears and anxieties.

SEALs are the most successful fighting force in history, Bethany Hamilton went on to become a professional surfer, Teddy Roosevelt was possibly the bravest man elected Pesident. Will Farrell a legendary comedic actor. For me, I would metamorphose from a petrified flyer to become an awarded stunt pilot, a world record holder and a multi millionaire entrepreneur. At the heart of it all, I became fascinated with fear.

The most powerful force in our life, yet the least understood is fear. The world's most successful men and women have had to travel their own winding path to build a relationship with fear and unleash its power, until now. The only ones who aren't effected by fear are psychopaths and bullies - like Adolf Hitler or every villain in a James Bond movie.

This book brings together the latest neuroscience from interviews and sessions with over two dozen of the world's leading psychologist and experts. You'll learn that instead of avoiding fear you should be finding more of it to unleash your power within. The common thread is the story of cowards, often afraid of simply making a decision and how they transformed into decisive, confident and successful heroes in the most taxing situations. Instead of waiting 30 year, or 30 days and hoping to stumble upon the key, Fear Frontier provides a dynamic, measurable and easy to understand process to find your fear, tame it; and used that dread to break through all your limiting beliefs and constraints.

It's a handbook for how anyone can learn to find their fear frontier, tame fear and live the most exciting, passionate and successful life possible.