I transformed my life
now my mission is to
change yours.

Today, my mission is to use fear to transform you and help the world do the same. I spend my year engaging audiences to lead and live from courage. I'm also planning expeditions and high-octane adventures that break world records and keep me feeling alive. Sharing the lessons and excitement of those adventures is part of my mission so I’m available for select engagements around the globe.


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Engaging Keynote Speaking

There is a shift in conference audiences. They want to be engaged to learn. That requires a speaker who works directly with an event professional to create something truly transformational. Patrick books directly and spend on average 60-70 hours working one-on-one to make your event mind blowing. If you want something beyond the cookie-cutter keynote partner with
for your next event. But don't wait, with his television production and expeditions he only works with 15 conferences each year and is already half booked for 2018!

His seminars on Fear, Finding the Adventurer Within and 10:1 - finding 10 times the life productivity, are top-rated interactive, media rich presentations with a global perspective. He shares his entrepreneurial, Olympic and transformation journey through stories with the audience while teaching frameworks and tools adapted from the world's leading nueroscientists. Audiences will uncover how to master life, find their adventurer within and live an amazing life.

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Patrick is working with a number of global partners to broadcast his expeditions and formulate content for television within the USA as an adventure TV host. His mission is to inspire millions to find their Adventurer Within and he remains open to exploring conversations around collaboration and filming for television, film and online.

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Coaching & The Adventure Hub

I receive numerous requests for one-on-one coaching every year and unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t allow me to engage with these requests. My hope is that via my speaking engagements, social channels, television hosting and Adventure Hub, I can continue to help individuals, teams and families find their inner calling and pursue adventure in their life again. To help you find your adventurer within please visit the Advneture Hub, and let me and my team know if there's anything more you'd like to see. 

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