The Greatest Gift we can give our children

In his early 20s, the special operations officer had already served two tours of duty in a bloody war. Back then, people didn’t admit or even know anything about post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), so he was left to himself to deal with the emotional serpents that snaked through his consciousness. At one moment he was killing the enemy by the dozens; the next moment after many more had surrendered, he could only look down upon them with pity and empathy. He wriggled emotionally in pain and confusion.

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St. Patrick's Lessons in Courage 

St Patrick was a slave around 400 AD who used fear as fuel to power a daring escape from slavery and eventually to change the world. There are some things about his courage, bravery and intelligence you might not know, and at least one thing about St Patrick's day you can use to win a pint at your local this march 17th!

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How extraordinary leaders use Fear as Fuel

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What every parent should learn about fear and the amygdala


Teenage terror and anxiety ended up being the hot topic last week in Hollywood when I was at Real Screen, an annual conference for reality shows. When I told people about my recent TEDx talk“The Surprising Power of Fear", and how I often help executives make friends with fear – the confessions poured out. Stories about kids surprised me the most. If you have teenagers, maybe you can relate to some of these or have your own stories:

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Risk vs Fear motivational keynote speech

Here's a six minute excerpt from Patrick's keynote speech to 1,000 real estate professionals at the Realty ONE summit in Las Vegas, May 2017. 

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Four steps to getting great in less than 10,000 hours

Malcolm Gladwell popularized the 10,000 hour rule, and others claim natural ability and genetics trumps training. The truth is both are wrong according to the latest research. K. Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool have researched masters in many fields from Chess to Athletics and they found it's got nothing to do with talent. Watch the video then share it with a friend!

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My favorite summit of all time

i've had a lot of time on the top of mountains but this one stands above all the rest - it's a first effort for homegrown video so the quality is pretty poor, but it's a great story. 

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Posted by PJ Madam

That was until I met Shannon Sweeney from America.

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The key to raising Smart, Successful, Happy Kids

There is one quality that we can instill in our children that can helps ensure that they will be less likely to lie and cheat, that will help them avoid depression and is a primary trait of successful people everywhere. In this short video I show how triathlons can help you do that! Please SHARE IT and let me know what you think!

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Could Pokemon GO Save A Couch Potato's Life?

I never let my kids download games on my phone but even I have caught the Pokémon GO bug. Is this revolutionary mobile app inspiring people to exercise more? Could it save a couch potatoes life? It’s without a doubt the most innovative game I have seen in my lifetime.

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3 Ways to have an adventure in art

I took Shannon, my 13 year old daughter to Arrt Basel in Switzerland to see if we could find some adventure indoors for a change. We learned three great lessons along the way. 

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Raise Adventurous kids...and get sent to jail

I am lucky enough to live in a small French village where 17-year-old girls, who could be strutting the runway during New York's fashion week, hitch-hike to school every day. My husband and I take our 9 to 13 year old kids mountain biking, mountaineering or rock climbing most weekends. Students enjoy three recesses a day and have to participate in a sport each season. Conversely, I feel a knot in my stomach, tying up a child’s natural curiosity, every time I hear one of my friends’ kids in the USA has started ADHD drugs. I wince when I hear parents lament that Physical Education class and recess have been eliminated to meet the government’s common-core requirements. I had a friend who was threatened with incarceration for wanting their kid to exercise by walking to school at their California middle school!

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