An adventurer's look at the Leadville 100 mtb race

What a great mountain bike adventure. @OutsideMagazine picked up anohter one of our productions about the Leadville 100 mountain bike race. This video is a great adventure story about one man's loss of more than 35 pounds finiding the adventurer within!

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a week in the life of patrick sweeney and howie mandel (optimized for iphone)

A week in my life, typical travel scene for once a month I go from Geneva to Portland, Maine, to Boston to Miami to New York City. I do some personal development, rock climbing, hanging out with Howie Mandel and finally speaking to a corporate retreat about using fear to gain strength. A pretty typical Sweeney week.

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Seven lessons we learned from the Olympics

Posted by Whitney James

This year’s Olympic Games might be over, but we’re far from done reliving our favorite moments. Records were set, tribulations were overcome, and history was made. And while most of us will never grace an Olympic podium, there are plenty of ways we can strive to emulate these incredible athletes. Make like an Olympian by following these seven life lessons learned from Rio.

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prepare yourself to ride anything with these 6 training tips - Bicycling Magazine


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Expedition Report - Cycling Seven Summit #BikeKili

My partner in this summit was seven time world-champion professional mountain biker Rebecca Rusch also known as the Queen of Pain. She said this was the toughest ride she's ever done. Watch the video and find out why!

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The Great 8 Foods to Fuel Any Adventure

Posted by Donal O'Neill

You might be reading a lot about athletes who are using a high-fat diet to uncover amazing athletic performance – from Lindsey Vonn to Tim Olson to our own Patrick Sweeney. The “Drop Dead Healthy Plan” you will see me undertake in Cereal Killers Movie evolved organically throughout a two year period of trial, error and omission. That all started back in 2010 when there wasn’t much out there about the benefits of fat adaptation for health or performance. 

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