Five step morning routine for success & courage in 2018

Here are the five things I do each morning, and the neuroscience behind why I do them. Start your morning off right, don't be addicted to the dopamine fix of getting right to your phone. You have a small window each morning when your brain and body are completely clean slates - a proper morning routine will set you up for success, curiosity, happiness, courageousness and great leadership throughout your day. 

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Olympic Sports Psychologist Shane Murphy

I sat down with my former Sports Psychologist Shane Murphy - he was the first director of sports psychology for the U.S Olympic Training Center and helped me greatly improve my performance.

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Lesson 2 - After 48 hours riding & 2 hours of sleep; I've got advice

From the middle of the Italy Divide 500 mile self-supported bike race between Rome and the Swiss-Italian border I get a deep thought. Sleep deprivation forces me to take a few minutes to get it out, but it's a good one especially in times like that!
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Seven lessons we learned from the Olympics

Posted by Whitney James

This year’s Olympic Games might be over, but we’re far from done reliving our favorite moments. Records were set, tribulations were overcome, and history was made. And while most of us will never grace an Olympic podium, there are plenty of ways we can strive to emulate these incredible athletes. Make like an Olympian by following these seven life lessons learned from Rio.

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Mental Training Techniques from US Olympic Training Center

Breakthrough to your best performance ever, by training your mind. Here are the secrets from the Olympic training center that can get you there!

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Expedition update - cycling the 7 summits - russia

Europe's highest peak is next on our team's list. It's extra special becase my 11 year old son has been training all summer to join us. Here's our update from "training camp." Let me know what you think!

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Five steps to become as fit as an Olympian


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prepare yourself to ride anything with these 6 training tips - Bicycling Magazine


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Plyometric leg workout to crush your next mountain bike race

Here's some killer insight from my Olympic training days, using plyometrics to be powerful during your biking competition. Plyos are great for road cycling or mountain biking, especially in short burst and to raise your average wattage. What ever biking you do; please let me know how these work for you and please share with your cycling friends.

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Could Pokemon GO Save A Couch Potato's Life?

I never let my kids download games on my phone but even I have caught the Pokémon GO bug. Is this revolutionary mobile app inspiring people to exercise more? Could it save a couch potatoes life? It’s without a doubt the most innovative game I have seen in my lifetime.

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The best workouts on the go!


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Creating a habit that lasts using nueroscience

Three incredibly simple steps you can take today to create a new habit that will stick using the latest research from fact this is brain surgery. 

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Lesson 4 - What to do when the weather is bad

Rain, wind, snow, what are you going to do when it's time to adventure?

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