St. Patrick's Lessons in Courage 

St Patrick was a slave around 400 AD who used fear as fuel to power a daring escape from slavery and eventually to change the world. There are some things about his courage, bravery and intelligence you might not know, and at least one thing about St Patrick's day you can use to win a pint at your local this march 17th!

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How to turn business travel into a great adventure

As I sprinted through the airport, I could feel a demoralizing trickle of sweat cascading down my spine. I had just lost the battle to look composed. Now my armpits, and likely chest, were already tinted a much darker shade of blue than Ermeneglido Zegna had originally wanted my shirt to be. So if I actually ended up being on time, when I gave my presentation, I’d look like a nervous wreck. I was a nine hour flight from home and about to change my life.

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Great advice from the coolest place on earth

Happy Paddy's day! My Grandfather Charlie Sweeney gave me this great piece of advice over 20 years ago - it changed my life and might change yours as well. 

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An Adventure Weekend in Portugal

Betty Boop wanted to take me someplace I'd never been before - so we went to the birthplace of Brazil - Portugal. It was a fun-filled weeknd of surfing, drinking, and lots of food...and a workout from Shape magazine for middle aged moms that kicked my ass after the flight!

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The World's Top 10 Adventure Breweries

The most succulent, and texture rich red wine you could imagine can be bought a block from our place in Chamonix. In fact there are choices that would make the most fastidious sommelier happy for days on end. The big problem is, there isn’t a decent beer for 1,000 miles. Thank all that is hoppy and holy that I get to the USA monthly to get a decent cold one.

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Adventure in your OWN backyard. plus 50 in 50

You don't have to travel to the Alps or Alaska to find adventure; everyplace on Earth has something fun and exciting to challenge yourself, your friends, and your family. Here's a great example as I tackle a new challenge over the next 50 weeks: 50 summits. Maximize your adventure time with these tips. 

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a week in the life of patrick sweeney and howie mandel (optimized for iphone)

A week in my life, typical travel scene for once a month I go from Geneva to Portland, Maine, to Boston to Miami to New York City. I do some personal development, rock climbing, hanging out with Howie Mandel and finally speaking to a corporate retreat about using fear to gain strength. A pretty typical Sweeney week.

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3 Ways to have an adventure in art

I took Shannon, my 13 year old daughter to Arrt Basel in Switzerland to see if we could find some adventure indoors for a change. We learned three great lessons along the way. 

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The best workouts on the go!


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