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Anxiety, stress or fear? Take Control of Your Mental Health During Coronavirus

How is your anxiety level amid all the coronavirus hysteria? If you are like most Americans, you are probably feeling stressed and confused. That’s normal from a neuroscience perspective, but iftrue

HAven't figured out how to use Fear as Fuel?  Find joy First


The presentation went great! The guy at the gym said yes! The plane landed safely.

Do you need something to worry about?

I met my climbing partner at the gym last Tuesday and he looked like he had endured a grueling overnight flight from Tokyo.

a simple routine that will change your life

If you want to maximize your success and happiness, there is one routine that should be the foundation for your entire day. It’s when you wake up. You have a choice when your eyes first open totrue

Burn 30% more fat in half the time

Old adages are dropping like flies in the world of health optimization.

Fast way to fat burning

Many people are afraid of the "keto flu" or taking a full month or more to get in . state of nutritional ketosis. Well the good news is that you don't have to put in that kind of pain andtrue

3 Proven Ways to Perform under pressure

There are times when we all have to perform under pressure, the threat of choking, of losing control, or of failing miserably can be a powerful force poised to ruin your life, or at least yourtrue

Catapult your career with Leadership Lessons from the 2018 World Champion Boston red Sox

Quite possibly the greatest baseball team of all time is touring the streets of Boston this morning in duckboats in front of hundreds of thousands of adoring fans. An entire city is in awe after atrue

A 16 Second Habit That Will Change Your Life

I first began using this technique when I was training for the Olympics.  As I've studied neuroscience over the past five years for my book "Fear is Fuel", I realize how impactful this littletrue

The Simplest and most effective bio hack to do today.

Here's the deal - just about everyone is afraid of taking cold showers. Bear with me because it's a great place to practice using fear as fuel! What's the worst that can happen; you'll betrue

The Greatest Gift we can give our children

In his early 20s, the special operations officer had already served two tours of duty in a bloody war. Back then, people didn’t admit or even know anything about post traumatic stress disordertrue

Five step morning routine for success & courage in 2018

Here are the five things I do each morning, and the neuroscience behind why I do them. Start your morning off right, don't be addicted to the dopamine fix of getting right to your phone. You havetrue

St. Patrick's Lessons in Courage 

St Patrick was a slave around 400 AD who used fear as fuel to power a daring escape from slavery and eventually to change the world. There are some things about his courage, bravery andtrue

Lessons from Spring training - Fear & The Closer

There are two very intense and potential terrifying roles in baseball - the batter who can tie the game in the bottom of the 9th and the closing pitcher. David Aardsma was a 14 year MLB veterantrue

Olympic Sports Psychologist Shane Murphy

I sat down with my former Sports Psychologist Shane Murphy - he was the first director of sports psychology for the U.S Olympic Training Center and helped me greatly improve my performance.

The Bravest Man Alive - I bet you don't even know him!

I sat down with the world's bravest man, 89 year old Colonel Joe Kittenger (USAF RET) in Orlando, Florida to talk about what fear means to him, and what it was like to jump out of a hot airtrue

Talks at Google on Fear and Courage

Patrick was invited to the European HQ of Google in September and talk about the surprising power of fear. Here's the talk with a great Q&A at the end. 

Change your future with the 5 Habits of Courageous Leaders


Do you know how the minds of the greatest leaders work?

Riding a Fat Bike Across Alaska is Terror at -35 degrees

People often as me if I get scared at all. Many of you have asked after my Keynote Speeches what it was like. 

Here's the five webisode series that received over 5 million views on EpicTV worldtrue

What every parent should learn about fear and the amygdala


Teenage terror and anxiety ended up being the hot topic last week in Hollywood when I was at Real Screen, an annual conference for reality shows. When I told people about my recent TEDx talktrue

How to turn business travel into a great adventure

As I sprinted through the airport, I could feel a demoralizing trickle of sweat cascading down my spine. I had just lost the battle to look composed. Now my armpits, and likely chest, were alreadytrue

Risk vs Fear motivational keynote speech

Here's a six minute excerpt from Patrick's keynote speech to 1,000 real estate professionals at the Realty ONE summit in Las Vegas, May 2017. 

TAME Fear and Live the life of your dreams

There are many levels of anxiety, fear and terror - learning the science behind what is happening physiologically is critical to making the most of the incredible energy fear can generate. Thetrue

Great advice from the coolest place on earth

Happy Paddy's day! My Grandfather Charlie Sweeney gave me this great piece of advice over 20 years ago - it changed my life and might change yours as well. 

5 ways to fix career burnout (and save your life)

“I’ll get plenty of sleep when I’m dead,” I boasted, over the din of clinking glasses and the general cacophony of a busy bar.

An Adventure Weekend in Portugal

Betty Boop wanted to take me someplace I'd never been before - so we went to the birthplace of Brazil - Portugal. It was a fun-filled weeknd of surfing, drinking, and lots of food...and a workouttrue

How to Keep Your New Year's Resolution from Failing Using Fear

2017 is a new year, and it's time to make a new you. Screw resolutions! Follow my lessons in this video and other resources on our adventure blog to create real lasting change - based on lessons fromtrue

The 5 habits of happy people

My face hurt and I was speechless. I looked up; sweat dripping off the end of my nose, and felt my breaths rasping in with short pulls. The granite pillars that materialized in front of me as Itrue

The World's Top 10 Adventure Breweries

The most succulent, and texture rich red wine you could imagine can be bought a block from our place in Chamonix. In fact there are choices that would make the most fastidious sommelier happy fortrue

Adventure in your OWN backyard. plus 50 in 50

You don't have to travel to the Alps or Alaska to find adventure; everyplace on Earth has something fun and exciting to challenge yourself, your friends, and your family. Here's a great example as Itrue

An adventurer's look at the Leadville 100 mtb race

What a great mountain bike adventure. @OutsideMagazine picked up anohter one of our productions about the Leadville 100 mountain bike race. This video is a great adventure story about one man's losstrue

The one trait All Star-athletes, top CEOs and Navy SEALs share

I could feel the hand reach inside my stomach and start fingering a piano concerto, digits going up and down a mile a minute. I sat at the starting line of the US Olympic trials in the singletrue

Four steps to getting great in less than 10,000 hours

Malcolm Gladwell popularized the 10,000 hour rule, and others claim natural ability and genetics trumps training. The truth is both are wrong according to the latest research. K. Anders Ericsson andtrue

Lesson 3 - A white out in the Alps, danger, fear and this lesson

I'm deep in the Mount Blanc massif - dozens of deaths a year tragically occur here and it reminds me of a great lesson that can change your life. You need to learn it without nearly dying so taketrue

Lesson 2 - After 48 hours riding & 2 hours of sleep; I've got advice

From the middle of the Italy Divide 500 mile self-supported bike race between Rome and the Swiss-Italian border I get a deep thought. Sleep deprivation forces me to take a few minutes to get it out,true

My favorite summit of all time

i've had a lot of time on the top of mountains but this one stands above all the rest - it's a first effort for homegrown video so the quality is pretty poor, but it's a great story. 

Three ways fear can help you create a dream life

Show my wife a picture of a clown and she’s running for the hills. Fear of failure, fear of spiders, fear of public speaking, fear of flying – you name it - there are thousands of known fears andtrue

a week in the life of patrick sweeney and howie mandel (optimized for iphone)

A week in my life, typical travel scene for once a month I go from Geneva to Portland, Maine, to Boston to Miami to New York City. I do some personal development, rock climbing, hanging out withtrue

How to Adopt High Fat Low Carb (HFLC) Diet today

Here's my interview with the producer of Cereal Killers with some of the basics around a high fat low carb (HFLC) diet. I've found it to be the best diet for big adventures, because you don't have totrue

Biking up & Down Kilimanjaro: African Adventure

Here's another great video from our #BikeKili project - produced by Red Bull Media house and shot on Red Epic cameras by some great videographers!

Expedition Update Elbrus - the world's Most dangerous downhill on a fatbike

Here's the preview of what happened on Mt Elbrus in Russia. It's short and sweet, and gives you an idea of some of the amazing adventure we shared in the middle of nowhereski. 

Business lessons from an ocean rowing adventure

An ocean rowing adventure that shows you how to succeed in business. That's finding the adventurer within! 

Mental Training Techniques from US Olympic Training Center

Breakthrough to your best performance ever, by training your mind. Here are the secrets from the Olympic training center that can get you there!

Expedition update - cycling the 7 summits - russia

Europe's highest peak is next on our team's list. It's extra special becase my 11 year old son has been training all summer to join us. Here's our update from "training camp." Let me know what youtrue

The key to raising Smart, Successful, Happy Kids

There is one quality that we can instill in our children that can helps ensure that they will be less likely to lie and cheat, that will help them avoid depression and is a primary trait oftrue

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