Could Pokemon GO Save A Couch Potato's Life?

Could Pokemon GO Save A Couch Potato's Life?

Posted by Christen Sweeney on Jul 18, 2016, 9:59:46 PM
Christen Sweeney
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I never let my kids download games on my phone but even I have caught the Pokémon GO bug. Is this revolutionary mobile app inspiring people to exercise more? Could it save a couch potatoes life? It’s without a doubt the most innovative game I have seen in my lifetime.Betty_Blog_Pokemon.jpg

Seems everyone is doing it...sitting at the always bustling Harvard Square on Saturday night, everyone from 9 year old little leaguers to 75 year old women seemed captured by this ingenious game.

My 13-year-old daughter came home from camp yesterday and asked to go skateboarding. This is a girl who is usually content to come home and get on Instagram or bury herself in a good novel. She returned from her skateboard outing excited about the Pokémons she had captured and even picked up some history lessons along the way.  She met two other kids her age out biking who were also playing the game.... turns out she had a really cool Pokeémon on her skateboard!  Would they all have been outside moving around at dusk if they weren't playing the game? Maybe, maybe not but it does seem to get kids outside more than any other mobile game I have witnessed.

While driving to camp this morning, we noticed a lot of walkers on the busy Boston streets who appeared to be in search of invisible creatures and local landmarks. To hatch an incubated egg, you have to walk 5 kilometers and apparently going over 15mph won’t count so you can’t do it driving or running at Usain Bolt speeds! I’d have to say that Pokémon go has been hugely successful getting people to move around outdoors.

If all that isn't enough evidence that it’s working, a local gym is trying to entice new members with promises of a rare Pokémon available only inside their building. Boston’s Lululemon advertises a rare Pokémon inside the dressing room….yes, it got me to try on the latest in fitness wear.

If you haven't tried it, get up and go could be your first step to a real life adventure or at least get you off the couch. It got me to write a blog, just ask Patrick Sweeney, that’s a big deal. Now time to get off the couch and go find the nearest “gym”.

I’d love you to share your own Pokémon GO thoughts and experiences. Has it inspired you and/or your family to get out and GO more?

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