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The key to raising Smart, Successful, Happy Kids

There is one quality that we can instill in our children that can helps ensure that they will be less likely to lie and cheat, that will help them avoid depression and is a primary trait oftrue

Plyometric leg workout to crush your next mountain bike race

Here's some killer insight from my Olympic training days, using plyometrics to be powerful during your biking competition. Plyos are great for road cycling or mountain biking, especially in shorttrue

Could Pokemon GO Save A Couch Potato's Life?

I never let my kids download games on my phone but even I have caught the Pokémon GO bug. Is this revolutionary mobile app inspiring people to exercise more? Could it save a couch potatoes life?true

Can you drop your love handles playing pokemon go?

When I picked up my 13 year old daughter from acting camp she wanted to go for a 5k run. Why? To unlock an egg in Pokémon GO. It’s a new augmented reality game that is like geocaching using thetrue

Burn fat, increase energy, get smarter all before breakfast with MY adventure coffee

The woman spoke no English, but smiled unceasingly while she violated my personal space, nudging the steaming mug at me. I could only wonder about the void where her two front teeth once hung. Astrue

A week in my life from Geneva to NYC

This is a pretty typical adventurous week in my life - what do you think? 

Expedition Report - Cycling Seven Summit #BikeKili

My partner in this summit was seven time world-champion professional mountain biker Rebecca Rusch also known as the Queen of Pain. She said this was the toughest ride she's ever done. Watch the videotrue

3 Ways to have an adventure in art

I took Shannon, my 13 year old daughter to Arrt Basel in Switzerland to see if we could find some adventure indoors for a change. We learned three great lessons along the way. 

Creating a habit that lasts using nueroscience

Three incredibly simple steps you can take today to create a new habit that will stick using the latest research from fact this is brain surgery. 

Hack your way to a 5% bump in VO2 Max

Sprinting for the finish line, driving up over a hill and resuming a torrid pace, or bouncing back from a hard dyno at 14,000 feet all require a great maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 Max). Knowing atrue

Baker's Dozen must-read adventure books

Thankfully nearly every great book has been converted to an audible format so you can do a 24 hour race and not get the same damn Miley Cyrus tune stuck in your head, gnawing away at your sanitytrue

Raise Adventurous kids...and get sent to jail

I am lucky enough to live in a small French village where 17-year-old girls, who could be strutting the runway during New York's fashion week, hitch-hike to school every day. My husband and I taketrue

Lesson 4 - What to do when the weather is bad

Rain, wind, snow, what are you going to do when it's time to adventure?

Expedition Report - 2016 Italy Divide Unsupported Bike Race

Spring in Italy, what could possibly go wrong? Find out in this recap of the 2016 Italy divide 500 mile race. 

Expedition Report - #BikeKili Cycling the 7 summits

This was an amazing adventure all the way to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro for the charity World Bicycle relief. My partner professional mountain biker Rebecca Rusch called it the toughest ride she'strue


You don’t have to be a full time adventurer to live an adventurous lifestyle, but you do have to search for your adventurer within. Learn to develop healthy habits on a day-to-day basis, andtrue

How to maximize your weekend adventure time

The majority of us spend endless hours in front of the computer or tending to other responsibilities, waiting for that moment when we’re able to punch out and head for the trails in pursuit oftrue

The Great 8 Foods to Fuel Any Adventure

You might be reading a lot about athletes who are using a high-fat diet to uncover amazing athletic performance – from Lindsey Vonn to Tim Olson to our own Patrick Sweeney. The “Drop Dead Healthytrue

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