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3 Proven Ways to Perform under pressure

There are times when we all have to perform under pressure, the threat of choking, of losing control, or of failing miserably can be a powerful force poised to ruin your life, or at least yourtrue

Olympic Sports Psychologist Shane Murphy

I sat down with my former Sports Psychologist Shane Murphy - he was the first director of sports psychology for the U.S Olympic Training Center and helped me greatly improve my performance.

An adventurer's look at the Leadville 100 mtb race

What a great mountain bike adventure. @OutsideMagazine picked up anohter one of our productions about the Leadville 100 mountain bike race. This video is a great adventure story about one man's losstrue

The one trait All Star-athletes, top CEOs and Navy SEALs share

I could feel the hand reach inside my stomach and start fingering a piano concerto, digits going up and down a mile a minute. I sat at the starting line of the US Olympic trials in the singletrue

Four steps to getting great in less than 10,000 hours

Malcolm Gladwell popularized the 10,000 hour rule, and others claim natural ability and genetics trumps training. The truth is both are wrong according to the latest research. K. Anders Ericsson andtrue

Mental Training Techniques from US Olympic Training Center

Breakthrough to your best performance ever, by training your mind. Here are the secrets from the Olympic training center that can get you there!

Plyometric leg workout to crush your next mountain bike race

Here's some killer insight from my Olympic training days, using plyometrics to be powerful during your biking competition. Plyos are great for road cycling or mountain biking, especially in shorttrue

Hack your way to a 5% bump in VO2 Max

Sprinting for the finish line, driving up over a hill and resuming a torrid pace, or bouncing back from a hard dyno at 14,000 feet all require a great maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 Max). Knowing atrue

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Burn fat, increase energy, get smarter all before breakfast with MY adventure coffee

The woman spoke no English, but smiled unceasingly while she violated my personaltrue

Burn 30% more fat in half the time

Old adages are dropping like flies in the world of health optimization.

Hack your way to a 5% bump in VO2 Max

Sprinting for the finish line, driving up over a hill and resuming a torrid pace, ortrue