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Five step morning routine for success & courage in 2018

Here are the five things I do each morning, and the neuroscience behind why I do them. Start your morning off right, don't be addicted to the dopamine fix of getting right to your phone. You havetrue

Olympic Sports Psychologist Shane Murphy

I sat down with my former Sports Psychologist Shane Murphy - he was the first director of sports psychology for the U.S Olympic Training Center and helped me greatly improve my performance.

TAME Fear and Live the life of your dreams

There are many levels of anxiety, fear and terror - learning the science behind what is happening physiologically is critical to making the most of the incredible energy fear can generate. Thetrue

Great advice from the coolest place on earth

Happy Paddy's day! My Grandfather Charlie Sweeney gave me this great piece of advice over 20 years ago - it changed my life and might change yours as well. 

5 ways to fix career burnout (and save your life)

“I’ll get plenty of sleep when I’m dead,” I boasted, over the din of clinking glasses and the general cacophony of a busy bar.

The 5 habits of happy people

My face hurt and I was speechless. I looked up; sweat dripping off the end of my nose, and felt my breaths rasping in with short pulls. The granite pillars that materialized in front of me as Itrue

The one trait All Star-athletes, top CEOs and Navy SEALs share

I could feel the hand reach inside my stomach and start fingering a piano concerto, digits going up and down a mile a minute. I sat at the starting line of the US Olympic trials in the singletrue

Lesson 3 - A white out in the Alps, danger, fear and this lesson

I'm deep in the Mount Blanc massif - dozens of deaths a year tragically occur here and it reminds me of a great lesson that can change your life. You need to learn it without nearly dying so taketrue

Lesson 2 - After 48 hours riding & 2 hours of sleep; I've got advice

From the middle of the Italy Divide 500 mile self-supported bike race between Rome and the Swiss-Italian border I get a deep thought. Sleep deprivation forces me to take a few minutes to get it out,true

Three ways fear can help you create a dream life

Show my wife a picture of a clown and she’s running for the hills. Fear of failure, fear of spiders, fear of public speaking, fear of flying – you name it - there are thousands of known fears andtrue

Seven lessons we learned from the Olympics

This year’s Olympic Games might be over, but we’re far from done reliving our favorite moments. Records were set, tribulations were overcome, and history was made. And while most of us will nevertrue

Business lessons from an ocean rowing adventure

An ocean rowing adventure that shows you how to succeed in business. That's finding the adventurer within! 

Could Pokemon GO Save A Couch Potato's Life?

I never let my kids download games on my phone but even I have caught the Pokémon GO bug. Is this revolutionary mobile app inspiring people to exercise more? Could it save a couch potatoes life?true

A week in my life from Geneva to NYC

This is a pretty typical adventurous week in my life - what do you think? 

Creating a habit that lasts using nueroscience

Three incredibly simple steps you can take today to create a new habit that will stick using the latest research from fact this is brain surgery. 


You don’t have to be a full time adventurer to live an adventurous lifestyle, but you do have to search for your adventurer within. Learn to develop healthy habits on a day-to-day basis, andtrue

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