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I spend my
year planning expeditions and
high-octane adventures that
break world records and keep me
feeling alive.


Expeditions of Courage

I’m on a mission to find my adventurer within and to also help others do the same. I want you to learn courage and an unshakable level of confidence. I've done the neuroscience research to teach you courage - but we've got to make it fun and interesting, right? So let's do some crazy adventures.

I always film wherever I go and often, camera crews follow me to capture the story as well. Each adventure I embark upon teaches me something new about myself and it’s in these times that I continue to discover who I am and what drives me. I take my learning and share them via social media, a monthly newsletter, my speaking engagements, the books and articles I write and my Adventure Hub.

My upcoming expeditions

Expedition Name

The High-Octane Haute Route

The Goal

Ski from Chamonix to Zermatt as fast as possible and bike the classic Tour de France climbs to ride back to Chamonix.

The Pathway

The Haute Route is the absolute classic ski tour - taking guided groups a week to ski hut-to-hut through the French, Italian, and Swiss Alps. Patrick is doing it his way and using fear as fuel.


Patrick will be joined by Canadian Adventure Laval St Germain the only Canadian to climb Everest without Oxygen. The two are ski touring, biking, and training hard to prepare for any conditions.


April 15th - 21st.


Three days before a ski ascent of Mt Blanc

What I hope to learn

If our bodies can handle a week of hard skiing and biking, then bounce back quickly enogh to do a ski ascent of mt Blanc. Also I hope to learn what it's like to do an adventure with my friend Laval.