What great life passion is locked away from you because of fear?

Starting a business

Traveling the world

Asking out that special someone

Playing in a band

Ending a toxic relationship

Learning to fly


Patrick J Sweeney, Certified Virtual Speaker, Fear Guru, Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Adventurer

"I grew up terrified of everything. I didn't have confidence or self-esteem. My biggest fear was flying. I made excuses every time I had a chance to fly – on exchange programs, to family reunions, for big races, I made excuses to cover up the shame I felt of being afraid. I was lying to the world and myself.

Then at 35 I got one of the rarest forms of leukemia. The doctors told me to say my good-byes. That was when I chose courage. Yeah, it's a choice. Not for me but for my 1-year-old daughter and unborn son. I decided if I beat the disease and got out of John’s Hopkins I’d get over my fear of flying. I did.

I decided I’d get my private pilots license. It was terrifying, but I still took the first frightening step. Then an incredible thing happened. I fell in love with flying. I now fly a stunt plane in aerobatic competitions. It is one of the greatest joys in my life, a true passion that was hidden from me because of fear. My choice had a halo effect on my whole life. Suddenly courage became my superpower. It all started with that first small step.

My life changed and so can yours. That’s why I left the lucrative start-up world behind; to write Fear is Fuel and help millions of people find courage and the life of their dreams. When we become authentic, strong and confident we can achieve world peace. That’s my dream."

"Three dozen of the world's top neuroscientists shared their research with me over a six year period. I took all that dry, scientific insight and put it into useful and easily understandable stories in my book Fear is Fuel. I also created a platform anyone can use to make the best decisions of their life, based on opportunity, not fear. Finding courage in those moments when we recognize we are at a crossroads is how you can take the path that leads to growth, happiness, success and fulfilment. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn something new about the neuroscience of fear, courage, leadership and risk taking each week. Unlock the life you know you deserve with courage."

Patrick J Sweeney, Certified Virtual Speaker, Fear Guru, Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Adventurer

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