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Patrick's virtual webinar provided a very impactful contribution to our organization.  The feedback from over 125 employees that attended was very positive. Our audience was greatly engaged, loved the interaction via the polls and with our CEO, and could not take their focus off the screen. I would recommend Patrick as a speaker with no hesitation. He embodies his message and mission, and leaves the audience feeling energized with practical strategies to gain back agency in an auto-pilot world.

Talent Development Manager, Energy Systems Company

We are a large advertising agency and hired Patrick to speak to our team and our large clients about fear and anxiety during these challenging times. All of our attendees commented that it was the best zoom call they have ever been on. Our audience walked away with an understanding of how prior beliefs were holding them back and with specific tools to help them lead a more courageous life. It helped get our employees and clients into the right mindset, and there was a great synergy with our CEO and the audience.  We will definitely be working with Patrick again! 

TaCMO, Large Advertising Agency

I just wanted to quickly write and say - WOW. That was definitely one of our best webinars. So great. Thank you so much for doing this. I learned a lot that I will utilize. 

Directory, University Engagement

I wanted to extend a huge thank you for taking the time to speak with our team here at TPI. It was a GREAT session and we have got so much positive reviews from it already. So thank you again for the great session– thank you for coordinating with us to bring this amazing session to life! 

Marketing Director, Travel Planners International

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Ready for the New Normal? A Resiliency framework

What's sure to have an even bigger impact than the virus itself is the fear, anxiety and stress caused by it. Uncertainty in health, in business, in financial markets are all attacking the mental well-being of leaders around the globe. The courageous leaders who can asses the situation and decide based on opportunity not fear, will be the ones succeeding wildly when pent-up demand releases and recovery ensues. Leaders need to empower their team with the neuroscience of fear and how to reprogram the mind for courage. Join Wall-Street Journal Best selling author of "Fear is Fuel" Patrick Sweeney, YPO member & resource as he shares concrete steps you can take to be a better leader for yourself, your family, and your team during theses times of high anxiety.

For audiences under 300 people we can facilitate an engaging Q&A function. 

Finding Courage from Facts Not Fear: How to take control of your mental health & wellbeing.

Information saturation, economic unrest, fear, uncertainty and doubt - are all by-products of the global disruption caused by a "novel" pandemic. Novel means new and unknown - that's why your brain has trouble predicting the outcome, there is nothing in its database to reference. The good news is it does not have to cause anxiety or stress. Join Wall-Street Journal best-selling author, millionaire entrepreneur, world record holder and cancer survivor Patrick Sweeney as he shares the steps anyone can take during this unprecedented time of uncertainty.

Patrick will first share how the brain works - and why running a two-million year old version of software is merciless to our well-being. Then he'll explain how you can use hard neuroscience to reprogram your brain for success and happiness as he did in his life or death struggle from leukemia. Patrick will share engaging and entertaining stories that range from his time in John's Hopkins Hospital to taking the first Cloud computing company form the ashes after 9/11 and turning it into a dominant player that he sold in 2002 when other companies were imploding. You'll leave this talk feeling empowered and in control of your destiny, plus motivated to find the potential in the present - no matter what the future brings!

Live programs are also available online by demand.

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