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Courageous leaders who take risks and confront their fears perform better and have more fulfilled lives than their peers. It's time for you to join those ranks. Companies that don't understand neuroscience in a corporate culture end up having many intelligent individuals working side by side, instead of a team pulling all in the same direction. Any team can learn the skills of courage, confidence and risk-taking. It is especially valuable for women executives, since according to Forbes, only 43% of women will take meaningful risks in their careers.

With Patrick’s help and the Fear is Fuel neuroscience-based method you can learn to:

Identify when your survival brain engages and you’re apt to make poor choices based on fear.

Create an idea meritocracy where constructive conflict is encouraged and the best ideas rule the day.

Foster agility and rapid decision loops that lead to fast action and deeper learning.

Create an environment that finds opportunity in uncertainty and develops award winning workplaces.


Want to introduce your leadership team to Fear is Fuel principles and learn a framework to build a Culture of Courage? Do you need to create a quick lift for your sales or customer success team this quarter? Inspire them with the award-winning philosophy and five-step framework that shows them how to lead with courage and authenticity, create supremely satisfied customer experience, and a fulfilling life. Participants will take away a neuroscience-based roadmap for immediately implementing Fear is Fuel in their own work and life, as well as a model of sustainability to keep them engaged with the concept long-term.


Find out how one day has changed the lives of over 500 CEOs world wide and hundreds of executives. The Fear Bootcamp is for executive teams serious about developing an engaged leadership team and developing employees committed to your mission and values. First, we explore deep into your authentic selves and hidden fears, then we learn to apply the neurological principles to your team. We compress from the top and the bottom to sandwich a culture of courage on your team.  We build long-term standout customer experiences. This full day workshop first pushes participants adventurously out of their comfort zone with a challenging fear exercise. Then we engineer a direct application plan, explore team dynamics and serve individual exercises pulled directly from the best-seller Fear is Fuel. We use advanced analysis tools to thread a Culture of Courage into the current culture on a more transformative level, by using the principle of compression featured in the book.


If you want to take Fear is Fuel deeper into your organization for maximum impact, we can create a customized five-phase implementation plan that includes on-site training with your leadership team, hands-on goal-setting, and team-building exercises. Your leadership team will work side-by-side with Patrick & his team to practice and implement the Corporate Culture principles.


After completing the Fear is Fuel & Culture of Courage 60-day program, Organizations committed to living a culture of courage can have Patrick Sweeney come back on-site every quarter to keep your executive and leadership teams inspired, motivated and up to date with the latest research to help you stay on track with your goals and vision, troubleshoot implementation challenges, and measure ongoing progress.


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YPO Lithuania

Eastern Europe's most successful CEO's joined Patrick in a full day session that reprogrammed the brain to win and achieve maximum potential in a 21st century environment. 

YPO milan, italy

75 of Europe's top executives learned to break free from traditonal business models, and asses risk by listenting to the subconscious warning system. 

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YPO Tanzania

75 of Europe's top executives learned to break free from traditonal business models, and asses risk by listenting to the subconscious warning system. 

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