Masterclass - Peak Performance Post Pandemic

Using neuroscience to win in the new normal

What does the blueprint for peak performance look like post-pandemic? The answer is that if you wait for the pandemic to end to find out, you’ll be too late to become a front-runner. Explore the neuroscience, mindset, strategies and tools a resilient leader needs to adapt and thrive in the post-pandemic world.

Leaders perform at their best when their confidence and courage is at its highest. The most effective way to get there is proven neuroscience and using fear as fuel.

Sign up now for this one-of-a-kind virtual course, featuring a series of science-tested frameworks, individual reflections and small group learning team-style discussions, executing easy-to-use yet powerful templates that will elevate you and your team to new heights in the New Normal.

The Peak Performance Post Pandemic Masterclass Includes:

Recognize & Leverage your fear warning system – why you want to react and how to evolve to a thoughtful response for peak performance

Create strategies for interpreting the more-than-massive flow of information

Methodologies for asking the most poignant questions and increasing curiosity

Learn how to deploy a mix of time-tested techniques for stepping up during this period of uncertainty and beating the competition

Mastering thinking and planning during heavy uncertainty and volatility

Creating a culture of courage in the workplace

How to meet new and future needs of your employees

Changing your model to be increasingly relevant to your customers

Prepare a 100-day game-plan for success in the New Normal world – for yourself, your family and your business

How to choose the right keynote speaker

The Goal

Improve your vision, increase your courage, build your capabilities, and boost your confidence for a much-needed upgrade in today’s challenging times – and explore your personal work in your zone of genius while working in a “state of flow”.

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