How to use fear as fuel | TEDx Pearl Street

You know what sucks? Regret. 

Who wants to reach the end of their life and spend time thinking about what they wish they had done while they were still young? Not me. But I did. 

I didn’t know any other way. Do you? 

Seems like most people don’t. The main thing our wisest elders wish they did less of? Worry.

Worry, regret and fear are what held me back for 30 years. Once I broke out of the prison of fear my life became amazing.  That change in circumstance is why my mission is to help others learn courage and live the life of their dreams. To find their Garden of Eden. 

I’m humbled to share another tool that will hopefully help thousands of people (ok I’m hoping for millions  ) so please share it with as many people as you can and let’s spread the word:

Here’s my 2nd TEDx talk – and it’s How to Use Fear as Fuel

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