Parenting Masterclass – Gold


  • Full Video Masterclass – 10 lessons with Patrick Sweeney and his guest experts showing the science of raising amazing children
  • 25 Parenting Pods – audio snippets to be listened to anywhere at anytime to help remind you to use the most recent research to on a daily basis
  • Why Kids Can’t Tickle Themselves Workbook-Journal on PDF
  • Access to a private exclusive Facebook Community of other parents using science to raise amazing kids

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  • Raise Happy, successful children and Create a lifelong connection with this 10 Lesson masterclass on courageous and confident parenting.Most parents never get a playbook on the best way to raise kids. In fact, for generations the standard method has been trial and error. Some parents get it right and their kids go on to change the world living happy and fulfilled lives, while other parents make mistakes their kids spend a lifetime trying to repair. The problem with raising kids by trial and error is that some things work and many don’t.Why not try a better way? In this top-selling Masterclass from the Refinery, learn how to use decades of research on the brain combined with real world experiences to ensure your success in raising confident, courageous, and happy kids. “Why Kids Can’t Tickle Themselves” consists of easily digestible episodes that reveal the five neuroscience truths of successful parenting.
    • 5 Neuroscience truths that will change the way you raise your kids
    • Divided into 10 easily digestible lessons
    • Access to members only Facebook portal to share and learn with others

    All the neuroscience you need to raise happy, confident and courageous kids. 

    – 10 lessons with a quiz at the end of each session to keep you accountable for learning and growing
    – Journal moments that give you powerful points for reflection on your unique parenting journey
    – Access to a members only portal where you can share stories, ask questions, and learn from other parents’ experiences.


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