Seven Classes of Courage – reprogram your life for success, happiness and wealth



The Seven Classes of Courage uses research from the world’s leading neuroscientists to help you, day by day, reprogram your mind for courage.

Humans have a fully developed fear center from birth – the amygdala. That drives us to fight or flight. It’s not until we are in our early 20s we develop the courage center (the sgACC). Because of this we default to defense – the fear center. We have 20 years of programming to activate the amygdala in an uncertain, new or challenging situation. Do you want to live the best life you possibly can? Then you have to break that pattern.

Successful leaders, business executives and athletes learn to access their courage center on demand. The neurons that you start to fire together will wire together making smart and courageous decisions easy to make.

Patrick has presented daily challenges in all seven classes of courage in this simple e-book, it’s guaranteed to change your life.

He also suggests you test your level of fear by taking the short Fear Quiz to see where you are weak and where you are strong. It only takes five minutes and gives you great insight so take it now!


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